Meet the team you’ll be working with.

A brief history of our company

OpenKit was founded by Ibrahim and Reuben in 2020 during their time at university. They both envisioned running an efficient and dedicated agile software company that works both with clientele as well as exciting internal projects.

Meet them wonderful team of skillful full-stack developers. Our team have a vast range of skillsets to meet any development projects requirements.

Ibrahim Mizi

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Ibrahim has experience in Web, Mobile & Blockchain Development. He specialises in front-end design and UX and also has built decenetralised applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Reuben McQueen

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Reuben has experience in Web, Mobile & VR development. He has expert knowledge in back-end technologies including cloud platforms and servers while also building VR and AR applications

Will Thomson

Full Stack Web Developer

Will is an experienced full stack developer. He enjoys development in machine learning and augmented reality.

Aaron Cheung

Junior Web Developer

Aaron is a Computer Science undergraduate at Durham University. He has strong experience with web development and REST APIs.

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