About the Client

IMpatient is a Philippines based company launched by two entrepreneurs, Isabella Calixto and Patricia Yap. It was created to digitally transform the Philippine medical system, by reducing long wait times, and difficulty in both booking and managing appointments. Issues that were further impacted by the effects of the pandemic.

Client Needs

IMpatient was created to solve issues with the medical system in the Philippines. This project required developing two apps, one for doctors and one for patients

For the doctor app, features included: 

  • Onboarding and verifying legitimate doctors
  • Clinic section to view current queues and switch between locations
  • Video call patients
  • Make notes
  • Submit medical records and enter consultation details
  • Message and converse with patients

For the patient app, features included:

  • Register as a patient and link accounts such as family members
  • Clinic section to browse doctors and book an appointment
  • Pay for booking
  • View your queue status at a clinic
  • Receive video calls by doctors
  • Instant message doctors

Mobile application

IMpatient already had design mockups created for the mobile application. Prior to development we did a design review to assess the usability and technical feasibility of the project.

The user interface and experience was slightly adjusted to match the requirements and make the application easier to use.

The final application was built using Flutter and Google Firebase. Prototypes were released on a weekly basis to our client for review and feedback. Any issues and modifications were resolved in the next release.


Efficient Video Calling

As video calling is resource intensive, it was essential that the video calling was efficient and did not incur large costs. Our solution used effective compression and reduced latency to make sure that the video call quality was high and cheap to scale with many users.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging between patients and doctors was an important part of the apps. Our solution involved creating bespoke features that allowed for sending documents such as PDFs, images and videos. This feature was built to be comparable to Facebook Messenger but also be tailored to medical specific requirements.

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