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Areality was developed to support schools and events with interactive, animated, 3D models to help with learning and event promotion.


About AReality

AReality is a project built by OpenKit to demonstrate the possibilities for augmented reality on mobile phones. Building effective and useful AR experiences can provide a competitive edge in many industries such as education and the workplace.

The app is built using Unity and is loaded inside a flutter app. The app has a content management system to dynamically upload and update 3D models to load on AReality.


Here are some demos of our Augmented Reality app and what it is capable of.

The app features

  • Device tracking – track device movement based on accelerometers and gps
  • Plane tracking – detect surfaces and place objects
  • Light and shadow estimation – use real world light sources to highlight and create shadows on AR objects
  • Face tracking – track facial movements and apply filters