At OpenKit, we build you a platform to scale.

We focus on research and data before we start building, which saves you time and money

At OpenKit we take pride in doing thorough research, conceptualising, and designing our clients’ solutions prior to any development. Our services also include managed hosting, search engine optimisation, and post-delivery maintenance.

We are open to any clients including SMEs, Governments, private individuals, start-ups and investors.

Website Development

We specialise in building websites that offer the very best user-experience. Our focus on responsive design means that your website will look perfect on any screen size from laptops to mobile phones.

Who likes to wait? Our development team will ensure that all your websites is responsive and has lightning fast loading times.

Web Development with style

Responsive & Fast

Robust User Interfaces/experiences

Mobile Application Development

Agile mobile app development is the core methodology at OpenKit. We provide quick and frequent updates, allowing our development team and clients to recognise better routes to take when building for release.

Our method of app development not only proves to be efficient and effective, but also allows both parties to save essential time and money.

Built for iOS and Android

Fast loading times and updates

Built above industry standards

Product Launches

We ensure that your idea comes to life hassle free. Our priority is to make your life easier when it comes to development, by working with you in the way that suits you best.

Technology partnership

Hassle-free launch

Post launch maintenence

Reach out to us to get started



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