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Full Stack Developer

David Walker

D avid brings a wealth of technical expertise as a Full Stack Developer, with exceptional skills in broad-based web development. Starting his journey as a self-taught programmer, he honed his skills professionally before joining OpenKit, where he improved existing codes, debugged problems, and engineered new features across multiple projects

Contributing to a wide range of projects, David is deeply involved in everything from enhancing UI designs to handling payments in Stripe and working with AWS cloud services. David’s self-starting approach, combined with his acute problem-solving ability have served to create a versatile and highly competent Full Stack Developer.


At OpenKit he:
- Spearheads the development of dynamic and responsive websites using cutting-edge technologies, embodying OpenKit’s commitment to innovation and excellence.
- Regularly collaborates with cross-functional teams to improve existing code, develop new features, and troubleshoot and fix bugs across a range of repositories.
- Executes UI enhancements using advanced software applications, ensuring the platforms remain engaging, user-friendly, and technologically up-to-date.
- Manages payment operations utilising Stripe, administering secure and efficient online financial transactions.
- Utilises Azure, Google and AWS cloud services for various tasks, reinforcing the utilisation of robust and reliable cloud-based solutions in all projects.
- Facilitates knowledge sharing and regularly updates his skillset to stay abreast with the latest industry trends, contributing to OpenKit’s pursuit of continuous improvement.