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Reuben McQueen

Reuben is a full-stack developer with a First-Class Computer Science degree from Durham University and five years’ experience delivering Web, Mobile, XR and AI solutions in a range of sectors. He has expert knowledge in system architecture, SQL and NoSQL database design, server and serverless technologies, and frontend technologies like React. Reuben has vast experience working with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and Supabase, with particular expertise in building scalable AI native applications. His portfolio boasts the successful completion of six commercial projects. These include two AI ventures spanning both the public and private sectors, which utilise autonomous AI agents and custom Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) systems.

His focus on supporting businesses with developing advanced automation solutions has been instrumental in driving the rapid growth trajectory of OpenKit. Reuben’s skill set includes tools such as Langchain, OpenAi function calling, Tensorflow, Pytorch and fine-tuning custom Large Language Models. Reuben enjoys applying innovative technologies such as Generative AI to challenging business use cases, along with designing and implementing robust, highly efficient and scalable software systems.

Fields of expertise

Advanced AI Solutions

Cloud Computing Proficiency

Backend development

Strategic Business Innovation