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RentMy, an innovative SaaS-enabled marketplace, aims to disrupt the sharing-economy by streamlining the process of renting and sharing items. With a focus on fostering authentic communities and promoting environmental and social sustainability, RentMy empowers passionate entrepreneurs to earn a side income through renting their belongings.

The platform handles: 

  • Booking items to rent for specific calendar dates
  • Pickup and collection scheduling
  • Payments including scheduled payment release
  • User to user messaging
  • User and renting reviews
  • User identity verification

OpenKit stepped in to rescue RentMy when a previous development team failed to deliver. Quickly adopting the requisite technology, OpenKit revamped RentMy’s platform. Significant UI/UX enhancements not only elevated the user experience but also played a pivotal role in securing additional funding for RentMy’s growth.

As a committed technology partner, OpenKit continues to provide RentMy with expert technical guidance, UI/UX consultation and software development. Through ongoing support, OpenKit ensures that RentMy’s platform remains at the cutting edge of the rental industry, fostering success in the competitive digital marketplace.

Client Background

Background and Industry

RentMy operates within the sharing economy, offering a unique C2C and B2C marketplace that connects individuals and businesses looking to rent out their underutilised assets with potential renters. By enabling users to monetize their possessions, RentMy contributes to a more sustainable and community-oriented future.

RentMy faced numerous challenges, including:

  • Streamlining the user onboarding process to facilitate rapid platform adoption
  • Crafting a seamless UX for smooth interactions between renters and item owners
  • Overcoming setbacks caused by the previous development team’s failure to deliver on project goals
  • Implementing secure payment processing and identity verification systems to ensure trustworthiness and safeguard user information

Client’s Objectives and Goals

To address these challenges and drive success, RentMy outlined the following objectives:

  • Design and develop a full-stack platform to accommodate both renters and item owners, fostering efficient communication and transactions
  • Design and develop an intuitive admin panel that enables effective management of user accounts, items, and transactions
  • Implement a flexible Content Management System (CMS) for easy creation and modification of platform content
  • Optimise SEO for landing pages, bolstering online visibility and driving organic traffic to the platform.
  • Transform the website into a Progressive Web App 

By addressing these objectives, RentMy aims to be an industry-leading rental marketplace that provides value to users while simultaneously promoting a more sustainable and interconnected world.

Key outcomes

Design Upgrades

OpenKit worked closely with the founder of RentMy to design and upgrade the old website to a new sleek and modern interface that was both compatible with the web and mobile. After multiple iterations and modifications to user flows a final design was set that was both simple to use and kept in theme with RentMy’s design language.

Successful live deployment

Upon successful completion of the testing phase, we deployed RentMy’s revamped platform and monitored its performance to ensure a smooth transition. Our ongoing support includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and feature updates to keep the platform running optimally and in line with industry advancements.

Successfully built a bespoke system to be able to handle over 100,000 concurrent users. This also involved designing a seamless user experience and a robust payment and scheduling system.

Due to our fast onboarding and development time, RentMy has had over 10,000 users sign up in the last 3 months, and have secured RentMy an additional 6 figures in VC funding.

Collaboration and Communication with the Client:

Throughout the project, we maintained open and transparent communication with RentMy, providing regular updates on progress and addressing any concerns or queries through weekly standups. We employed agile project management techniques, fostering a collaborative environment where client feedback was incorporated iteratively to ensure the platform’s success.

Effective email campaigns and Analytics

Part of the marketing campaign involved setting up analytics on the website (Google analytics, Facebook/meta pixel and google ads conversions events). This allowed the RentMy team to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns, track KPIs and improve stickiness rates for users. Email marketing was used to improve user retention and incentivise users back to the platform

Key Technologies and Tools Utilised:

Our development process employed a diverse array of technologies and tools, including but not limited to:

Front-end: React, Redux, and CSS frameworks (Reactstrap)

Back-end: .Net, PostgreSQL

Hosting: Azure

Payment processing: Stripe

Identity verification: Stripe

Authentication: Auth0

Project management: Azure Devops

The system has been SEO optimised using server-side rendering techniques to boost rankings when searching for keywords.